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           Doggie Daycare

              Making Every Moment Pawsome  

Doggie Daycare within a family home is a far less stressful experience for your pet than in large commercial premises. 

Our daycare is in our home in a comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere with lots of love and cuddles included free of charge.

Daycare for your dog/dogs includes daily adventures in one of our beautiful local woods or forests where your fur baby can enjoy the freedom of having off lead playtime with up to 6 of their canine friends, exploring and running free in a safe and controlled environment.

Here at Top Dog we have a dedicated day boarding room with various comfortable beds available for you pooch to relax and have a snooze after having their morning adventures. Fresh water is available at all times and each dog is given a treat after their walk.

We also have a safe and secure garden with real grass to relax.  

We will require your dog or dogs to join us on a trial day prior to confirming a daycare placement as a this will ensure that they are happy being in each other's company, this is an important part of the acceptance process and am sure that you will also be happy knowing that your pet is being left in a happy environment.

To accept your dog for day boarding all adult dogs should be small to medium breed, well socialised, calm, well behaved, house toilet trained and respond to basic commands with proven recall. They must also be proven to be non-chewers, non-barkers and up to date with vaccinations, flee and worming treatments.

We can also accommodate younger dogs/puppies if they have been fully house trained (toilet outside) are reasonably calm and respond to basic sit & stay commands and have recall and you commit that they will be neutered when they are old enough, usually around 8/9 months old.

You can be safe in the knowledge that Top Dog have been home checked by an official from DEFRA and rated with a 5* rating and 3 year home boarders licence.

Please ask for a site visit so you can come and see for yourself how pampered your dog will be during their daycare stay.

The trial will be chargeable at our normal daycare rate.

Doggie Day Care 

Full Day from £30.00 

 8.15am - 6pm

Weekends £35.00

Puppies under 1 year an additional £5.00 per day

*Payment is in advance at the start of the week ​*

Doggie Day Care 

Half Day £20.00 

 8.15am-1pm or 1pm-6pm

Weekends £25.00

Puppies under 1 year an additional £5.00 per day

*Payment is in advance at the start of the week ​*

Opening Times

Monday to Friday 08.15 AM – 18:00 PM

Weekends 09.00AM – 17:30 PM

Client Daycare Weekday Drop Off and Collection Times

08.15 AM– 08:45 AM

12:00 PM – 13:00 PM

16:15 PM – 18:00 PM

If you are unable to make these times please ring to advise as we have other Clients to collect and drop off. 

Additional hours by prior arrangement and chargeable at an extra £2.50 per hour

We kindly request that full payment is made at the start of the working week

Cancellation by Us

In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a confirmed booking for any reason we will try to arrange cover with one of our local daycare providers, however this is without liability or obligation to TOP DOG Walking Services.

Cancellation by You

Please note that Top Dog operate a 2 week holiday allowance for regular clients each calendar year, once the 2 week allowance has been utilised the agreed regular days are still payable in full.

We also operate a sickness & absence policy for all regular clients, therefore if your dog has a regular day/s and do not require their dog in daycare for any reason for example due to sickness (dog or owner) or any other absence the normal weekly fee will still be required to be paid. This is to ensure your dogs regular slot is left available and not offered to another client

If you have a regular day/s each week which is being cancelled on a regular basis then we reserve the right to remove you from your regular slot and the space will be offered to another client. You would then be classed as an 'ad-hoc' client and availability would be offered on a 1st come 1st served basis.

Dogs must be fully vaccinated in accordance with our license conditions.

The full course of vaccination must have been completed at least four weeks before the first date of boarding or in accordance with manufacturer instructions. Dogs will not be accepted unless an up to date vaccination record has been seen and photocopied for our records.

Worming and flee treatments should also be up to date.

We also recommend that your dog is vaccinated against Kennel Cough as we cannot be held responsible if your dog contracts the virus during its stay with us.

Please note that we will charge the Owner for any Veterinary fees incurred whilst in our care and full payment will be required prior to or upon collection of the dog.

Receipts for any treatments or services will be provided to the Owner upon due payment being received.

Please ensure your dog has a collar, you dog will wear our contact name tag whilst in our care as this is in compliance with our Licence and is a legal requirement.

You could bring your dogs bed/blanket and a favourite toy as this may help them settle.

Whilst great care will be taken with your dog’s belongings, we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused during their stay with us.

Off lead exercise is only provided to those dogs whose owners have signed our booking form and who have confirmed that their dog has proven good recall. We will only exercise your dog off lead in areas we deem to be safe however whilst every care will be taken whilst exercising your dog ALL dogs exercised by Top Dog Walking Services are done so at their owners risk and no responsibility can be accepted for sickness, injury, loss through theft or straying or demise of the dog.

Furthermore, no responsibility can be accepted by Top Dog Walking Services for any injury or loss caused to third parties or their belongings by the behaviour of a dog in our care.

Your dog(s) should have its own health and liability Insurance, a photocopy of the Original Policy will be required.

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