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TOP DOG Walking Services believe that we have priced our services competitively and fairly based on other Dog Walkers and Dog Daycare in our area, we hope that you will agree.

    Dog Walking Prices

£15.00 - per walk

£25.00 - per walk for 2 dogs same household

          * Payments are requested in advance at the start of the week ​*

Please also note that all new Clients are subject to a 1week trial period to ensure that they are happy within our existing group and our group are comfortable with them however this period may be extended as it is important to ensure that all of our doggies have a happy sociable walk and playtime.

Dog Walking

​We will collect your dog from your home at an arranged time in our air conditional and professionally crated vehicle.

Your dog will enjoy a whole hour of fun and adventures in one of our local woods or forests where they can run free off lead having fun and experiencing the smells and fresh air with up to 6 other canine friends.

Each dog is removed individually from the van on a lead and is walked on a lead to the secure walking area.

 No dog is removed from the lead until it is safe to do so and without prior written permission from the owner.

After each walk your dog will be provided with a fresh bowl of cool water and a treat before we start our return journey back home.

Some dogs love to have a good run around while others only require a walk and happy just having a sniff around, some like to play in a group and others like to walk on their own.

Therefore, we will come to your home to discuss your requirements, we will also need you to tell us about any little habits or health issues that your dog may have that we need to be aware of.

This free consultation meeting will also give you the confidence to see for yourself that your dog is comfortable and happy being with me before we proceed, after all it is a 2-way relationship and we do need to be happy walking together.

Please call to make further enquires or alternatively drop us an email or text 07720 854106

Your pet’s safety, well-being, and happiness is our priority.

Rates upon application for Bank Holidays/Christmas & New Year

Daycare for Dogs